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Plan now before it is too late!

If you don't plan your estate now, the Singapore government will do it for you by using Intestate Succession Act to distribute your assets when you pass on. This means that your assets may land in the wrong hands. Your family and loved ones may not get what you have intented them to have. You can avoid much problem and headache for your family if you have properly planned your estate.

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Lawrence (Mike) Tham
Financial Advisor
Mobile: 96583822


Lawrence (Mike) Tham has more than 40 years in various experiences from auditor, tax consultant, secretarial, journalist, business manager, EDP manager, purchaser, financial planner and business development manager. He has experiences with international business and trade as he used to operate companies in Batam in indonesia and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. He had acted as consultant to Atlantic Group of companies, Singapore and Sunil Group of companies, India.


"To stand out from the crowd,
you have to be different!"

                                     Lawrence (Mike) Tham


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His Specialties in Finance include

  1. Wills & Estate Planning for Muslims and Non Muslims.
  2. Business Succession and continuration Plan
  3. Corporate Loans and Finance
  4. Project Funding
  5. Crowd Funding for companies

Value Added Services

Because of his vast experiences in finance, business and trade, he can give various value added services to his clients.  Clients have been using him as a sounding board for their business ideas.  Clients have been consulting him on the following areas:

  1. How to setup a trust and offshore company
  2. How to maximise their investment returns
  3. How to start and /or expand their business locally and overseas
  4. How to maintain good employees
  5. How to raise funds for workiing capital, projects and business expansion
  6. What good MIS system to implement -- ERP, CRM and MRP

                                                                 ....And Much More

If you are not his client and don't know him yet, you still can get a FREE advices from him. 
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