All businesses should have a Business Succession Plan....     

Biz Succession
Passing the baton to the next generation

What is Business Succession Plan?

Business Succession Plan is a plan for business to pass on to the next person to manage the company when the current boss has passed on or become invalid due to sickness or accident.


Cash Flow Management

Why Cash Flow is important to business?

Most SME bosses will look only at net profits.  Many of them wil not border so much about cash flow management when time is good.

Lack of proper cash flow management can result in losses to company.  For example, due to lack of cash, business opportunities which can increase the bottom line of the company can't be activated.

There are many ways to monitor the Cash Flow of the company.  Financial ratio is one of the easier way to do it.  The following areas need to be looked into for cash flow management:

  1. Debtor Ratio - this monitor how fast debtors are paying your company. 
  2. Stock Ratio - this monitor how fast the stock inventory is moving to become sales.
  3. Assets  - is the assets good or bad?  Bad assets here means holding on to non income generating assets -- e.g. vacant land.


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"For Business to last more than three generations, business succession plan is essential."

- Unknown -